Frequently asked questions about Netwalking® FAQs | Frequently asked questions

What is Netwalking®?

Abbreviated version of networking while walking. Netwalking provides: FAQs

  • Opportunity to share, learn, leverage, and enhance relationships leading to new opportunities for collaborative efforts and exchanging mutually beneficial ideas. FAQs
  • A platform for people who are shy or want a setting to meet new people with ease in a controlled environment.
  • A chance to receive the health benefits of walking and enjoying the outdoors, which has been proven to reduce stress, sharpen memory, increase energy levels and heighten engagement.
  • A platform for speakers to actively participate with the audience in an intimate group setting. FAQs
  • A chance to promote your event’s mission of the triple bottom line: profits, people and planet.
  • Promote your  events mission of the triple bottom line: profits, people and planet.
  • It is increasingly being recognized that individuals learn and perform better when they receive information in their preferred learning-style whether it be an inside or outside environment.
  • Netwalking makes it possible to actively learn, cultivate relationships, make lasting connections with potential partners, colleagues, and friends. Key for them to keep coming back and talking positively about their event experience. 
Why did you start Netwalking?
Multiple reasons that began while co-founding Beyond2ndNature and immersing myself in walkability and social good projects and reminder of self-care. During this time, I networked and socialized daily for these projects and attended over 100 events to meet industry experts and build network. Found common structure of events and lack of attention to wellness:

  • Networking format: Juggling of empty calories with one hand to exchange business card and quick conversations.
  • The cold introduction in a noisy environment.
  • Most event programs have crammed program agenda with little or no movement, fresh air and mindfulness built in.
  • Meeting space is seated. Sessions go over 50 minutes without breaks for movement / exploration.
  • Feeling of being on autopilot from the time I got to the conference until the time I left.
  • Observing shy attendees and beginners feeling left out because they don’t know too many people.
  • Saw audience engagement lowered at certain times of day [food and information overload].
  • Electronic distractions.
  • Even though the topics were on wellness, sustainability, innovation … little or no physical activity was included during the program. Event and meeting planners preferred following a lecture format and attendees to be seated.
  • During brainstorming sessions we are asked to sit. Famous innovators such as Steve Jobs and Ludwig van Beethoven choose to walk during serious conversations.
  • Effective conversation while walking side by side. You can experience a person’s character by where they walk on the sidewalk / path, socially conscious if they recycle or use the nearest trash can, match your pace, gait, where they put their attention, and how they fall into conversation.
  • For the event organizers to re-think the program agenda and build in time for activity to get attendees out of their seats for a few minutes. It is essential to ensuring productivity and engagement. There are many ways to including yoga, golf, meditation, run, stretching, dance and of course Netwalking.
  • Platform to showcase the walkability of the event location.
Audience engagement:

As we all know, engagement and productivity is lowered during certain times of day. Many factors contributing to nodding off and losing interest include:

  • The food mood connection (what we eat and drink affects our energy levels). The right foods at the right times help fuel our bodies and prepare them for the tasks ahead.
  • Information and sensory overload. Great article on the subject.
  • Sitting for extended periods of time. Light exercise increases blood flow and pumps oxygen to the brain. This keeps everyone awake and alert for longer periods of time.
A few reasons why people attend conferences and events:
  • Cultivate relationships. Face-to-face is more effective than over the phone and email.
  • Build rapport. People do business with people they know, like and trust.
  • Exchange ideas.
  • Learn
  • We complete our enjoyment of the event experience when we share our stories. It is often through the sharing of our story that we can make the deepest connections with others, grow our community of stakeholders and get a new level of clarity on a situation.
  • Meet people in person whom they’ve established a relationship over email and social media and only know them by their avatar or social media pages.
  • Go where the industry experts in the field go and introduce oneself.
  • Show support.
  • To be “WOWED” and see the greatest and latest.
  • Gain insight into the experiences of others who face challenges similar to yours.
Takeaways from networking:
  • “One quality conversation is more beneficial than 20 superficial ones” ~ Jacqueline Whitmore
  • You must bring you’re “A” game at all times! The moment you feel it slipping, LEAVE!!!! Don’t waste your time.
  • There is no rule that says you have to stay the entire time. Get what you came for and leave.
  • Networking can be done ANYWHERE!! Take advantage of every moment and every space. Network outside of the box.
  • Follow up is vital to keeping you relevant days after.
  • Ask someone what is the best way to reach you? Time of day and means (phone, email, video calling, in person…)
  • Use social media to your advantage.
  • Start networking before you even get to the conference. It’s important to know who your fellow attendees will be and what their specializations, business, or expertise is. In particular, look up the people who will be presenting at the conference. They are the influencers who can help you get better networked into your targeted industry, or who may even be able to share ideas with you or give you a little time to talk through things that you’re doing.
  • Networking is about connecting with people, building and nurturing relationships, sharing information, tapping into the hidden job market, learning about career opportunities, pooling resources and expanding your contacts.
  • Networking is about connecting with people, not collecting people. It is truly a life skill whereby you build, nurture, and maintain quality mutually-beneficial relationships over your career and your lifetime.
  • The grand purpose of building social networks is to enhance our participation in relationships with others and to make our contributions to the world.
Results of Netwalking:
  • Netwalking encourages random interactions, casual conversations, increased productivity, creativity and accidental encounters.
  • One of a kind meeting experience offering a pleasant alternative to entering a room full of people and having to go up to them to introduce yourself.
  • Opportunity to share, learn, leverage and enhance relationships leading to new opportunities for collaborative efforts and exchanging ideas for mutual benefit.
  • An opportunity for audience to revel in the simple pleasures of things with a sense of wonder.
  • Gain: An increase in participation during sessions, buy in from venue’s location, sponsorship, momentum of your stakeholders is maintained, positive referrals to attend future conferences with the innovative format.
  • Creativity and thinking heightened by 100% according to a Stanford study by Marilyn Oppezzo and Daniel Schwartz. Example would be to have a program agenda include health, sustainability and design thinking sessions over a netwalk instead of seated. Not only get the experts presenting the talk, but walking the talk.
  • Speakers will want to speak after lunch. Attendees already warmed up and re-energized. Lose audience during certain times of the day and keep them engaged.
Why add Netwalking to my organization?

Fitness pauses appeal to a wide range of audiences and demographics, regardless of age, gender, profession or occupation. Netwalking Programs are an intimate, welcoming and safe space for attendees to candidly discuss real issues and topics to keep ahead of industry trends and new developments. We integrate designated breaks along the walk creating a broader sense of community and a more inviting place for people to meet and exchange ideas.

  • Netwalking strengthens team spirit and is a welcome addition to your workshop activities that encourage internal team building. Conversations are organic.
  • Netwalking integrates designated breaks along the walk, creating a broader sense of community and a more welcoming place for people to meet and exchange ideas.
  • Netwalking provides a mini adventure for each Netwalker to learn and explore new people and places. We deliver a positive memorable experience at your event(s) that gets people talking, remembering your event and your name “brand” long after the event has passed. They will see you as having gone the extra mile for them and won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

You’ll accomplish more for your attendees if you incorporate Netwalking into your agenda. By hosting Netwalking Programs your attendees will feel reinvigorated by the conversation, fresh air and meaningful relationships they will develop during the Netwalk.

Liability and weather:
  • Each person taking a netwalk is required to sign the release and consent form. They are Netwalking at their your own risk and irrevocably consent to and authorize the use by Netwalking LLC, its officers and employees, (“Netwalking LLC”) of the undersigned’s image, voice and/or likeness.
  • Weather is important and the ideal weather to some is not to all. Safety is of utmost importance and will not conduct Netwalks if weather report suggests not to go outside. Plan B is to have the Netwalk indoors.
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What should I wear and bring with me?
Come as you are. Preferably you are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes so that you can walk with everyone. Keep that in mind some heels can get caught in some outdoor surfaces (maybe try heel protectors) and flip-flops don’t always stay on.  
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