Founder/CEO Letter

Hello and welcome. I am Jessica Tunon.

If able, please get up to peruse the site from your electronic device of choice.

Strength and lifestyle choices

I grew up playing sports and thrived on competition. At fifteen, I summer interned at an investment management firm and was a competitive swimmer. By twenty four, my full-time career in investments was with a prestigious asset management firm, graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Business Management, exercised at most 3 days a week and had a side gig as an assistant to a celebrity impersonator.

I knew I was exhausted but pushed through, telling myself that “there will always be time later to think about my health and take better care of myself”. Then in 2001, only two months after graduation, two herniated disks were detected by three different orthopedic surgeons, caused by stress, golf elective classes and unhealthy diet.

After eight painful months of surgery and rehabilitation, I decided to focus on getting better. I lost the 20 pounds I had gained and my Type-A investment career took a backseat to my sanity and physical health. Full recuperation took longer than I wanted. I adopted a wellness and preventative care lifestyle and sought less stressful work environments — my investment career morphed to helping companies budget, spot inefficiencies and find opportunities for operations to be streamlined. I like saving time and money and helping others do the same!

Happiness and Relocations

With my new found energy and excitement for the future, I relocated first to Arlington, Virginia and later Austin, Texas, from my hometown of Fort Lauderdale. Unlike South Florida, in Arlington and downtown Austin I discovered what it is like to live and work in a walkable city – to live carfree.

And I came to love walking! It became crucial for both mental and physical well-being, and to help ease my constant tendency for lower back pain. Plus walking had come to be my way to meet new people, connect with friends, transportation and build community.

But even Austin I found, could be made more walkable and pedestrian friendly. Without any knowledge of what it entails to create such a community, I reached out to city planners, community leaders, innovators, and non-profits to help make the city more walkable and sustainable. My work led to managing and organizing green projects and co-founding, the non-profit Beyond2ndNature.

Although I loved living in Austin, family and the desire to have more of a planning and policy impact on the walkable community movement brought me once again to Washington, DC.


The idea for Netwalking came about after attending numerous events, how different it feels being introduced by someone versus introducing myself to new people, cliques, incentivized to attend events by free food and studies released that we sit on average 9.3 hours in a day and 20 year career looking at future and past expenditures and investments for companies. Most importantly the “autopilot” event agenda of meetings – indoor meeting room, venue held in a walkable location, working lunches, evening receptions and social gatherings — all intended for networking, but not one providing time for real conversations and play time.

2014 –

Netwalking is much more than a walk it’s about building meaningful connections for personal and financial success.  We help make introductions for you, invite you into the conversation, all while keeping you and your ideas moving. Walks are led for you to discover beauty around every corner, something you wouldn’t have experienced if you were in an indoor meeting space. Netwalking helps enhance creativity by exploring new venues and breaking traditional meeting room settings by introducing variety into everyday interactions.

Netwalking brings inclusive, stimulating, tailor-made Netwalking sessions into your organization’s events, workshops and work day. We are the future of meetings and bring added value to your traditional event format. Contact us to learn more.

until we netwalk again®

Open your eyes to the beauty around you, open your mind to the wonders of life, open your heart to those who love you, and always be true to yourself.Maya Angelou