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I was honored to be asked as a Netwalking leader. I had not completed a Netwalking session before and Jessica stepped up to the plate to fill in all the gaps. She provided the meeting place, the route, the agenda and even had maps and photos to make it very clear. She even walked the route ahead of time to ensure which side of the street would provide better shade and ensure sidewalks were clear of construction. We had mural wall highlights and got a bonus tour of a local micro hotel. The walk provided plenty of opportunities to facilitate discussion and form lasting connections to other Netwalkers. I highly recommend Netwalking and Jessica Tunon.Raedun de Alba, AIA and NCARB


 Netwalking was part of the 2015 SXSW V2V in Las Vegas. It is a relatively simple concept — but one that our attendees got a ton of value from. Walking together helped registrants create new connections, new ideas, and new opportunities. Simple things often produce the best results!Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer at SXSW



pcmaOn behalf of the PCMA Capital Chapter, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your participation in the Capital Chapter Reboot 2016. Your engagement as speaker for the “Walking Meetings – A New Healthy Meeting Initiative” session allowed the Capital Chapter to provide the high quality education that our members expect from our organization. Without the participation of such as yourself who are willing to share your knowledge and expertise, Reboot 2016 would not have been possible so we thank you for supporting our efforts to create a great environment for education and networking.

Thank you once again for speaking at Reboot 2016. We appreciate your support of the PCMA Capital Chapter and look forward to working with you again on a future endeavor.

Joy Womack, CMP, PCMA Capital Chapter President
Melanie SpringJessica thought of everything – from the route to the weather to the best way to network while walking. She was easy to work with, always smiling, and made it more fun than we had planned. I highly recommend Jessica to other event organizers.Melanie Spring, Branded Confidence and founder Sisarina



I met Jess in Sweden on the Smart Living Challenge and she jumped straight in there getting us Netwalking. Jess is great at breaking down the barriers to a conversation with her easy relaxed style, she creates an environment to open conversations that can lead where ever you want them to go. Netwalking is a great idea that uses the outdoors in a really creative and positive way that can help you personally and professionally. Mark Cleaver, Founder and Director of Rooted in Hull - An Innovation In City Farming



Who knew that something so simple as taking a walk with someone could spark such great and engaging conversations? I think more meetings should incorporate walking to get the oxygen flowing to the brains so great and creative ideas can emerge. It’s healthy, innovative and creative. Adriana Gallegos, Founded Adrivo: The Travel Session



Brandon Dube pictureNetwalking has been a really positive experience for me. I believe Jessica provides a unique environment to network with others. In all my years of networking, this has by far been the most exciting. Jessica is an experienced facilitator of intercommunication and insightful in her methods. At the end of the day, networking should be fun and my experience Netwalking has been consistent with that. Brandon Dube, Tech Ingenuity Specialist, and Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton



I so much enjoyed the Netwalking with Sisarina’s event Healthy Happy Hour. It was quite a workout, but not too much for this non-exerciser! I enjoyed shifting groups, so we could all get to know one another. I think adding Netwalking to events is a plus, especially to day-long or multi-day conferences. I loved the experience! Lisa Karl, Partner, Savvy Digital Business



What a great concept! As an outdoorsy introvert, I loved my Netwalking experience as it offers a novel approach to forming genuine connections in a non-stuffy environment. Thanks, Jess!

 Philip Olive, Co-Founder Experiencia Social, LLC


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