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Diversity Strengthens (and Grows) Your Community

Diversity is a fundamental asset in any community. Cross-cultural communication plays a significant role in our daily interactions to better serve our clients or customers. The adage “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care” applies.

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Netwalking Tips: Knowing Your Route

When preparing for a walk, run, or hike outdoors, taking the time to plan and know the route you will follow can make the difference between a successful outing and a disaster. Here are some ways in which knowing the route you mean to follow can improve your overall experience:

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What is Gender-Responsive Budgeting?

Feeling unsafe during a walk is a reality most women and even men confront everyday. Changing the societal norms that create this unsafe environment almost always starts with policy. In this post, I discuss Gender Responsive Budgeting as an economic budgeting response to this inequality.

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Book, Podcast, or Video? Born to Run

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall is an incredible read about changing lifestyle, tradition, understanding (and misunderstanding), among many other enchanting and surprising facts of life. As Netwalkers, I think we all have a slightly more elevated understanding of the benefits that come [...]

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Creating Connection and Collaboration Through Movement

In early March I participated in a video shoot for Netwalking that exemplified how movement can facilitate collaboration.  Having a connection to Jessica and being an entrepreneur were commonalities that served as a starting point for getting to know others involved in the video shoot better.  Although this kind of conversation could have taken place [...]

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Why Build Walkable Communities

Walkable communities are more sustainable for our bodies, our wallets, and our world. Walkable communities are also where we are drawn to live, work and play. The real estate assessment data tells the same story. We pay more to live in walkable communities because these communities are more desirable, have more amenities in a close [...]

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Warming up to Winter Netwalking

Winter is a time of short days.  With the darkness comes quiet and an opportunity to look inside yourself.  Use this time for introspection, but do not fall prey to the sometimes-depressing qualities of winter.  Life is not just about getting by. It is about taking charge and living every moment to its fullest.  Embrace [...]

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Are you a prolonger or a breaker?

The way I used to start my day was to take the dog for a half-hour walk. After that, I’d have breakfast then sit at my computer. Later, I’d sit behind the steering wheel and drive to a meeting, sit through the meeting, then come home and sit down for dinner. In the evening, I’d [...]

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Count Me In! Further Your Career And Improve Your Health

You know that if you’re active—you walk, ride your bike, and use the stairs instead of the elevator—it benefits your body and mind. But it also helps your workplace and your employer’s bottom line. Employees who exercise before or during work get along better with co-workers and tend to be better at meeting project deadlines. [...]

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How Walking Builds Community

Walking has incredible health benefits for the individual participant but what we may not be thinking about is the communal benefit of a walking culture. A culture of walking is the key to a vibrant community. While walking is a proven strategy for improving heart health and reducing diabetes, walking is critical for the social [...]

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