Book, Podcast, or Video? Born to Run

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall is an incredible read about changing lifestyle, tradition, understanding (and misunderstanding), among many other enchanting and surprising facts of life. As Netwalkers, I think we all have a slightly more elevated understanding of the benefits that come [...]

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Activate Your Five Senses with Netwalking

Mental health has become a trending topic after the spread of COVID 19. Starting from hanging out with friends, waiting for cold winters to end, and taking part in athletic competitions in an open environment all ended for me pretty soon. March 8th, I left for India to visit family while on Spring Break from [...]

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we are 6 year’s young

Namaste and Hello Friends! “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” - Simon Sinek In the past few months, I made time to reflect on my, Why for not only starting Netwalking but what inspires me to keep going. It began as a way to create a safe welcoming environment [...]

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Top Ten Products for NetWalkers and More

            Top Ten Products for NetWalkers: Invest in a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. Let our experts help you find the perfect walking partner(shoes) Moisture Wicking Socks such as Balega, Feetures, Swiftwick, and SmartWool. Shop our sock collection, all socks are buy3 get the 4th Free! Mix and Match.  [...]

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Creating Connection and Collaboration Through Movement

In early March I participated in a video shoot for Netwalking that exemplified how movement can facilitate collaboration.  Having a connection to Jessica and being an entrepreneur were commonalities that served as a starting point for getting to know others involved in the video shoot better.  Although this kind of conversation could have taken place [...]

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Introducing Nami and Team Wellness Workshops

Hi Everyone, It’s Nami from Happy Teams. I’m a process facilitator who helps groups have better dialogue and improve their teamwork. I named my facilitation practice Happy Teams because I believe that happy teams are also effective teams. I’m also a happy person in general, and love walking outdoors in nature with my two children. [...]

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Dear Netwalking Friends!

I need your help. I have added Business Coaching to a list of services Netwalking provides. It is specifically for social impact leaders who want to be successful building organizational and personal success in a 24/7 era where we are more connected than ever. It piggybacks on your wellness goals by fitting in productivity-boosting walking [...]

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Why Build Walkable Communities

Walkable communities are more sustainable for our bodies, our wallets, and our world. Walkable communities are also where we are drawn to live, work and play. The real estate assessment data tells the same story. We pay more to live in walkable communities because these communities are more desirable, have more amenities in a close [...]

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3 Days of Celebration! Creative Ways to Keep Employees Active at the Workplace.

3 Days of Celebration Thanks to our great Clients, Collaborators, Family and Friends, we're celebrating the completion of 3 years in business June 16th. We've built a lot of great relationships already, and we're looking forward to strengthening them even further. Thanks for helping to make Netwalking a success! We show creative ways to keep employees active [...]

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15 Things Organized People Keep on Hand

Being organized is more than just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle decision. I have put together 15 helpful items to keep on hand helping you feel refreshed and less stressed: organized people A portable battery charger has often saved me from my phone dying and there isn't a power source in sight. I like Mophie or Waka Waka. The [...]

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