Netwalking in a Winter Wonderland: 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Polished

The cold winter months can be quite brutal to your hair. Are you taking the proper measures to protect your hair from the cold, wind, and sun? I offer you five tips to keep your hair looking polished while Netwalking in a winter wonderland. Drink lots of water. Hair is an appendage of the skin; [...]

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10 Ways to Reward Yourself for Working So Hard

Growing up, my parents would reward my sister and me for things such has getting good grades and helping with chores. They both had their own ways of rewarding us. Our dad would take us for a treat (he has a sweet tooth) and our mom would create fun activities (she loves to play). I [...]

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Vegan Recipe On the Go

I always have healthy snacks with me just in case I get hungry.  It has been helpful to carry with me, so that I am not tempted to eat the treats provided at conferences, parties and maintain my weight. I created this recipe because it doesn't need to be refrigerated and can bring with me when travelling locally and flying. Plus, there is less [...]

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5 Ways to Stay Warm While Walking in the Cold

I am learning how to stay comfortable and warm in the winter. I moved to Arlington, VA in August 2007 from South Florida where I was born and raised. Seven years later, I’m still not used to such cold winters. Winter months in South Florida are wonderful and sunny. People look forward to the winter [...]

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Inside Perspetive from the Walking Summit

I attended the first Walking Summit as a participant in 2013. In 2015, Netwalking was hired by America Walks to include Netwalking Sessions, create Netwalking Maps, and train The Walking College Fellows to lead Netwalks at the 2nd Walking Summit held in Washington, DC from October 28-30th. I got the opportunity to wear other hats, including speaking about “Exploring Walking from a Woman’s Point of View,” and [...]

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New startup company Netwalking® LLC will make its debut at the 2nd National Walking Summit to discuss the need for “Walkable Communities”

Contact: Jessica Tunon, Founder and CEO (571) 969-5988 New startup company Netwalking® LLC will make its debut at the 2nd National Walking Summit to discuss the need for “Walkable Communities” Washington, DC – October 20, 2015 – For two days, October 29-30th, Netwalking, LLC will host several sessions at the 2nd Annual National Walking [...]

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Nature and Gratitude

After watching Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey interviewing Louie Schwartzberg* realized the connection of nature and gratitude.  “Feeling an emotional connection to the outside world is essential to protecting it.” After hearing the show, I felt a sense of gratitude and very thankful for my full life. Thankful that I live in a walkable [...]

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Walking to Happiness and the Triple Bottom Line

Netwalking’s mission is to get people outside, make it easier to get to know each other and build meaningful relationships for personal and financial success. In 2014, we launched Netwalking Sessions in the nation’s capital. Since incorporating, we have lead over 30 Netwalks in Washington, DC, Stockholm, Sweden, Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Netwalking has [...]

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Networking vs Netwalking

Recently asked the difference between Networking and Netwalking. This is what I came up with in two minutes. Why I still make time for networking Reconnecting Meeting interesting people Being okay to leave after 3 really good conversations Not being hungry when arrive The walk home Yes, there are some aspects of networking that could be better planned [...]

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Netwalking Tips: 10 items to Keep on Hand During a Full Day of Meetings / Conference

We had a great time this morning Netwalking the Las Vegas Strip during SXSW V2V and wanted to share with you 10 items I carry with me during a full day of meetings or conference. Portable phone charger – Mophie or Waka Waka Recyclable water bottle or Stojo Food that isn’t perishable doesn’t easily melt and [...]

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