Inside Perspetive from the Walking Summit

I attended the first Walking Summit as a participant in 2013. In 2015, Netwalking was hired by America Walks to include Netwalking Sessions, create Netwalking Maps, and train The Walking College Fellows to lead Netwalks at the 2nd Walking Summit held in Washington, DC from October 28-30th. I got the opportunity to wear other hats, including speaking about “Exploring Walking from a Woman’s Point of View,” and [...]

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New startup company Netwalking® LLC will make its debut at the 2nd National Walking Summit to discuss the need for “Walkable Communities”

Contact: Jessica Tunon, Founder and CEO (571) 969-5988 New startup company Netwalking® LLC will make its debut at the 2nd National Walking Summit to discuss the need for “Walkable Communities” Washington, DC – October 20, 2015 – For two days, October 29-30th, Netwalking, LLC will host several sessions at the 2nd Annual National Walking [...]

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Nature and Gratitude

After watching Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey interviewing Louie Schwartzberg* realized the connection of nature and gratitude.  “Feeling an emotional connection to the outside world is essential to protecting it.” After hearing the show, I felt a sense of gratitude and very thankful for my full life. Thankful that I live in a walkable [...]

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Walking to Happiness and the Triple Bottom Line

Netwalking’s mission is to get people outside, make it easier to get to know each other and build meaningful relationships for personal and financial success. In 2014, we launched Netwalking Sessions in the nation’s capital. Since incorporating, we have lead over 30 Netwalks in Washington, DC, Stockholm, Sweden, Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Netwalking has [...]

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Networking vs Netwalking

Recently asked the difference between Networking and Netwalking. This is what I came up with in two minutes. Why I still make time for networking Reconnecting Meeting interesting people Being okay to leave after 3 really good conversations Not being hungry when arrive The walk home Yes, there are some aspects of networking that could be better planned [...]

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Netwalking Tips: 10 items to Keep on Hand During a Full Day of Meetings / Conference

We had a great time this morning Netwalking the Las Vegas Strip during SXSW V2V and wanted to share with you 10 items I carry with me during a full day of meetings or conference. Portable phone charger – Mophie or Waka Waka Recyclable water bottle or Stojo Food that isn’t perishable doesn’t easily melt and [...]

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Sneak preview of Netwalking the Las Vegas Strip

Flew into Las Vegas yesterday for one of my favorite conferences of the year, SXSW V2V. My friend, Alan Snel picked me up for the airport where we caught up, ate lunch at Whole Foods Market and conducted the Netwalking®assessment. The Netwalking Assessment includes mapping the route, ensuring infrastructure is in place to make it [...]

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Finally We Feel Spring: New Way to Meet and Burn Calories

Finally we feel spring! We are putting away our winter clothes and taking out spring wear. We are accepting more invitations. We are trying on our clothes and noticing some weight gain. We are hesitating on accepting invitations because we don't feel comfortable wearing [x]. We are staying home because we are shy and aren't the [...]

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Back strengthening exercises

I wanted to share with you this six minute back strengthening exercise video from POPSUGAR Fitness. Found it very helpful  after a long week of events and driving Please share ways you incorporate daily stretches into your day.

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Hi and welcome! I am so excited to share with you the revamped website and first of many blog posts. As I have been adding content, I had two friends take a peek before it went live today. Natalie Ambrose suggested I tweak it because it looked too corporate.  In Natalie’s words, “This is what [...]

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