My Top Ten Building Blocks

Today, I went through a stack of papers and came across a top ten building block list. This list helps keep me on track and I read it a few times a year as a reminder to live my life mindfully, gracefully and with friends and family at my side. And now, here's the top ten list I [...]

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5 Ways Walking Enhances Your Friendships

I am a huge fan of walking for so many reasons! Those reasons include exercise, an eco-friendly mode of transportation, community building opportunities, a healthy way to catch up with friends and family, explore my own city as well as new places I visit. 5 Ways Netwalking Enhances Your Friendships Since Valentine’s Day is in [...]

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Nature and Gratitude

After watching Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey interviewing Louie Schwartzberg* realized the connection of nature and gratitude.  “Feeling an emotional connection to the outside world is essential to protecting it.” After hearing the show, I felt a sense of gratitude and very thankful for my full life. Thankful that I live in a walkable [...]

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Networking vs Netwalking

Recently asked the difference between Networking and Netwalking. This is what I came up with in two minutes. Why I still make time for networking Reconnecting Meeting interesting people Being okay to leave after 3 really good conversations Not being hungry when arrive The walk home Yes, there are some aspects of networking that could be better planned [...]

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Finally We Feel Spring: New Way to Meet and Burn Calories

Finally we feel spring! We are putting away our winter clothes and taking out spring wear. We are accepting more invitations. We are trying on our clothes and noticing some weight gain. We are hesitating on accepting invitations because we don't feel comfortable wearing [x]. We are staying home because we are shy and aren't the [...]

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