Have you figured it all out yet? As we face an unprecedented time of crisis, I had to sit and reflect that there is a reason why we are living through a pandemic. That reason may be different for everyone depending on where they are. But then I had to remind myself that we are also resilient human beings.

Perhaps you have had several thoughts that may have you rethinking life, love, work, and happiness. If there were ever a time to do something on your bucket list, the time would be now, right? Everything you are feeling is valid, so do not feel guilty for how you are processing the weight of the world. Let me remind you again – you are HUMAN.

Now being resilient does not mean keeping the smile on your face at all times. There are healthy ways to practice creating your Peace in a time of crisis. Here are my three tips that will support you in getting through this one day at a time:

  1. Find your support system. It is essential to find your people and ask for support. Most of us have a defense mechanism(s) that wants to protect us, and that may be in the form of “doing it alone” or “staying strong.” While this may feel good in the short-term, it’s not always a sustainable way to cope. Now is the time to ask for support because we are much stronger together.
  2. Develop a routine that is ideal for you. Let’s talk about boundaries from those zoom calls! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but never really look at what we do daily. A great practice is by creating your schedule in advance. Tip: Take a look at your meetings and reduce unnecessary calls or meetings by 25%. It’s a great time to create healthy habits in your day-to-day life while working from home or anywhere.
  3. Tap into your creativity. If there were a time to pivot, it would be now. Pivoting doesn’t mean quitting your job and riding off into the sunset. It can simply be finding a hobby that you have wanted to pick-up but never have. Everyone has a creative muscle, and by using this outlet of self-expression, it provides an opportunity to release stress.

Creating your Peace is something that you have to work on daily. It is similar to going for a walk for your mental health, replacing a high carb or sugary treat with a healthier food or drink option, and building those new muscles at the gym. Don’t forget to give yourself grace and be kind when developing these new skills. We can wake up every morning and decide to do something differently, but take it one day at a time. Remind yourself that creating your Peace is a beautifully imperfect journey where you get to choose what you want to create.

About the Author:

Meet Mollie Q. Coleman. Mollie is a mother, thought-leader, entrepreneur,  marketing consultant, and business and leadership coach. She started her own experiential marketing agency with the mission to change the face of marketing through creative multicultural campaigns.

After many years of working as a community builder, she started a business and leadership coaching practice for similar leaders and organizations that focus on social impact. Her purpose is driven by servant leadership and pushing you to find your breakthrough.

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