Maybe you didn’t know it, but aging is like the Circus. It’s a high wire act of balance.

As you age, there are performers ahead of you that have learned some skills, had some falls—also flown daringly high in the air. They are amazing people, and they recognize younger people are amazing collaborators as well.

I’m Tuck Kamin, and I’m a creative director, and I’m in the midst of rebranding aging. Also an age instigator of sorts. I see an entirely new social landscape of young and old together again. New social machinery that helps educate the young and old together. All are creating a new, almost magical world inspired by the Circus.

Part of creating this new world ahead, I realized we needed to experiment with older and younger in communicating with each other. Share ideas across the years. That’s the place to start. Get answers. “How did you cope with crisis in your life?” “What’s the best advice you ever got in starting a business?” “How did you deal with your unruly children?” There’s more answers, of course, for both sides of the age range.

Imagine a new app on your phone that is linked to a video chat. Where an intergenerational chat occurs on Thursday nights. Poof ! It’s done. On your, iPhone download the Twine app and look for having a meaningful discussion. A new type of social media where you don’t talk at someone you talk with someone.  Welcome to the first stage of Age Circus.

For over 12 years, I’ve been excited about how we need new ideas in the space of aging. How could you help guide people to re-recognize how they fit in now that they are older. How could they see the gold mine inside themselves maybe for the first time? And with the cost of higher education, how could younger individuals get in contact with seasoned folks that could help them.

When full-on Netwalking® returns I can see you allowing your mind to be an acrobat.

Walking with older and younger individuals to share an entertaining spark of an idea and see where the conversation may lead you.

I invite you to ‘run away to the Circus” with me. Thursday nights on Twine. Download the app. Make a reservation on Twine, and away you go to a one on one video chat. For any more information, contact me

Hope to see you under the big top. Or on a big Netwalk.

About the Author:

Meet Tuck Kamin. Tuck, is an international, award-winning creative director. Tuck’s clients have included British Airways, Smirnoff Vodka, Whole Foods Market, Canon, Sony Entertainment and many others. You can find Tuck as his ringmaster self in Austin,Texas.