Diversity is a fundamental asset in any community. Cross-cultural communication plays a significant role in our daily interactions to better serve our clients or customers. The adage “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care” applies.

This is one common argument for gender parity in the workplace and schools; if only 50% of the population are seen as viable candidates, you’re cutting out 50% of the pool probably filled with talent. In the end, you’re just shortchanging your community members. This is where Netwalking plays a vital role in filling the gap of the population that is left out.

In the end, what matters is not how much you know, but how effective you are in transferring this knowledge to others through networking. Consequently, be conscious enough to check, as many times as possible, that you really understand others, as well as assure that others understand you. Addressing the needs of a diverse population starts with an awareness of diversity and a proactive attitude to cultural sensitivity.

About the Author:

Meet Soumya: Soumya’s international
experience and 5-year commitment to be an
active consultant in the communications field
through Digital Marketing and Public
Relations have improved the reputation of
retail brands across the world. Soumya fluently
speaks Hindi, English, and German. She is currently in India since the COVID outbreak and is waiting for school to start in the fall.


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