Top Ten Products for NetWalkers:

  1. Invest in a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. Let our experts help you find the perfect walking partner(shoes)
  2. Moisture Wicking Socks such as Balega, Feetures, Swiftwick, and SmartWool. Shop our sock collection, all socks are buy
    3 get the 4th Free! Mix and Match.  Good socks can make all the difference and keep you from getting blisters! Also, a
    high cushioned sock for walkers is often preferred!
  3. Body Glide- Avoid unnecessary chafing and blisters with Body Glide! It’s easy to use and has a clean application! No
    need to get messy.
  4. Nuun- Stay hydrated throughout your walk and pre/post walk! Be sure to try our variety of flavors to find your favorite!
  5. Running/ Walking Belt/ Nathan Hipster- Store all your necessaries ( keys, phone, money/credit card, etc.) all in one place without interrupting your walk!
  6. Goodr Sunglasses- Walk in style and comfort! Try the Goodr shades, keep the sun out of your eyes, and try their no-slip/
    move shades!
  7. Handheld Waterbottles- Easy to hold and grip on your walk so you can stay hydrated and go the extra mile
  8. Buffs- The Buff product can be used in a number of ways ( headband, cap, face mask, etc.). It is the perfect product and very versatile.
  9. Garmin Watch/ Fitness tracker- Track your miles, speed, distance, heart rate, and more with a Garmin Watch!
  10. A great can-do attitude!




Jess Tunon got her first running shoe fitting at Potomac River Running Store (PR) in 2008. It was for her upcoming race – her first. She has been a fan of PR ever since and looking forward to the Instagram Live Q&A Session with =PR= on May 6th from 12 – 12:15 p.m. 









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About Potomac River Running:

=PR= was founded by Cathy and Ray Pugsley and Brendan and Margie Shapiro. All four Potomac River Running founders are related by blood or marriage. Cathy and Margie are sisters who grew up in Fairfax County. Brendan (Margie’s high school sweetheart) is especially proud of his local roots. Though Ray (Cathy’s husband) is originally from New Jersey, we give him a pass because he has lived in the DC area for over 20 years and is known to cheer for the Redskins from time to time.