Here at Netwalking®, advocacy for gender equity is incredibly important to us. Recently, Jess and I have been learning more about Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) and discussing how Netwalking, whilst promoting the act of walking to improve physical and mental health, will also promote GRB.  As women continue to face economic disadvantages ranging from the gender wage gap, and the increased likelihood of having responsibility for unpaid work, it is more important than ever to implement GRB and diminish structural gender inequality. Gender Responsive Budgeting refers to a budget that addresses gender inequality by promoting the gender-equitable distribution of resources. This often includes analyzing government budgets in order to structure spending and taxation in a way that would decrease gender inequality. As governments practice gender-responsive budgeting they address both the paid economy and unpaid work whilst also confronting the reality of the increased violence against women and girls and the low levels of political participation. However, whilst most people would assume GRB would be highly costly to implement, this gendered approach to budgeting can help governments save billions of dollars in the future in public services and economic losses that arise from gender inequality. Whilst GRB seems to be a practical response to the gendered economic disadvantages and many governments have already made written International commitments to fight gender inequality through GRB, these commitments often do not come to fruition. It is thus the responsibility of citizens to lobby the government into crafting policies that take into account women’s needs and priorities. Netwalking wants to take part in a conversation that demands governments acknowledge and practice GRB.

If you like to learn more about GRB please click below. I look forward to hearing how you can participate in this discussion.

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Meet Kirtika: Hello, I am Kirtika Sharad, a rising senior at Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University. As an International Affairs major and an English minor, I value improving my communication, analytic, and research skills in both domestic and international work settings. I have previously worked as a legislative intern at Congressman Bill Pascrell’s office, an editorial intern at Society19 and a museum assistant at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I have joined the Netwalking team as I wholeheartedly believe in the message, and I also would like to gain more experience in social media management. I look forward to seeing all that I can accomplish with the rest of the awesome team.