Jessica Tunon





Jessica Tunon is the only business coach who provides unique ways to master the critical skills needed for effective networking. Her program is tailored for social impact leaders who understand relationships are 24/7 and must be cultivated through networking.

Her Netwalking expertise piggybacks on your wellness goals by fitting in productivity-boosting walking breaks into your daily life with the huge benefit walking side by side brings in creating a more welcoming environment.

Business Coaching Packages:

  1. Netwalking Coaching sessions are hosted live and video conferencing. (Additional fees apply for live coaching sessions in cities outside of the District). All coaching sessions begin with a 90-minute complimentary introductory call to discover your specific needs.
  2. Month to Month Program – Three one hour sessions per month. The first session is hosted live and the other two sessions are through video conference.
  3. Customized coaching packages are available for commitments 3-months and beyond.

Key Skills:

  1. Art of Discovering Your Reputation
  2. Art of Creating a Welcoming Environment
  3. Art of Building Confidence Meeting Decision Makers
  4. Art of Improving Personal Development
  5. Art of the Elevator Pitch
  6. Art of Capitalizing on Untapped Opportunities
  7. Art of the Follow-Up and Follow-Through
  8. Art of the Creating a Networking Strategy
  9. Art of Influence, Collaboration and Making an Impact
  10. Art of Presenting Your Ideas and Being Heard

Relationships are key to success. Jessica Tunon is the only business coach to take your networking to the next level. Here's my calendar link to make finding time easy.


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