Overview of Netwalking® Mapping:

Our unique interactive approach engages people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Our maps provide a common community language from which passion, understanding, and enthusiasm can be captured. Netwalks are created for you to discover nature's beauty around every corner, something you wouldn't experience in indoor meeting spaces. map walking route

Purpose of Workplace and Social Netwalking® Mapping:

Walking meetings are a business tool. A lot of work can be done while walking. The walk should have a start time and meeting location, an agenda with purpose and outcome of the meeting, (facilitator, tour guide and sweeper - groups over 12), time and end location. Each of these elements is common to meetings with two additional roles of tour guide and sweeper. These roles play a very important part because they help set the tone of the meeting, bring inclusivity, mindful of time, accessibility, safety, and comfort.

Online you will find many resources on how to implement walking meetings, but where to start.  You want an effective meeting. First, you will need to plan and prepare.  You might want to find someone(s) in your organization to be the tour guide that can allocate time away from their workday to design the walking meeting. An organizer and assistants depending on the size of your group to help lead the discussion, create a climate where everyone feels heard, manages time and stays on track to the agenda provided in advance. Lastly, align your goals with Netwalking meetings. Successful companies foster a culture of engaged members which in turn increases the company’s productivity and profitability.

map walking route

Created for America Walks


  1. Expert created. Custom designed maps are self-guided, tailored to the audience, share an appreciation of local “community nuances”, event location, accessibility, safety, and mindfulness of time.
  2. Calendar Appointment. Online maps are saved and included with your calendar invitation. Included map and directions on the phone so that it is included on your calendar by the length of time.
  3. Increased confidentiality, allowing you to work without interruptions from electronic devices. map walking route
  4. Offset carbon footprint. Reduce or avoid greenhouse gas by walking and providing electronic access to maps instead of printable maps.
  5. Gets your stakeholder's heart healthy and keeps them moving. Did you know people who live, work, and shop in walkable communities are healthier and more connected to surrounding businesses?
  6. You want them to have fun! Netwalking provides a space for being productive by making meaningful connections and gives your stakeholders time to explore and opportunities to socialize with their peers.

 * Prices start at $650