Overview of Netwalking® Social:

Netwalking provides an experience people will associate positively with your brand identity and adds depth to your corporate events and social gatherings. Netwalking breaks are customized to match meeting length and allow for participants to be active for a short period of time during the workday. Physical activity breaks has become a very popular alternative to the traditional Networking break offering caffeine and sweets.

Purpose of Netwalking Social:

Your audience is made up of individuals, each with different wants, needs, and reasons for attending your event. To make your event a success, you need to ensure your stakeholders are actively engaged during the event and every detail of their day feels special.



  1. Triple Threat: A productive break providing health benefits to keep stakeholders more entertained, creative, and energized.
  2. Memorable and transformational experiences. The more intellectually and emotionally invested your audience becomes, the more likely it is they’ll enjoy your event, tell others, and help market your organization.
  3. Networking can be more fun. The laid-back atmosphere of the Netwalk helps to shake up the hierarchical lines that can exist within typical networking settings, allowing attendees who may not start a conversation to connect and develop new bonds.
  4. Revitalize Face-to-Face Networking. There is no substitute for meeting in person. You are about 7-10 times more effective face-to-face than you are over the phone. Most people find it stressful to introduce themselves and quite common for newbies and beginners to feel left out because they don't know too many people. Netwalkers feel more open to communicating because walking helps break down formalities and fosters camaraderie.
  5. Connection Currency. Improves your participants’ chances of meeting valuable connections [influential, inspiring, or with capital to invest]. Networking success comes more from what we give than what we get.