Overview of Netwalking® Tandem:

Blended learning offers the best of both worlds. Not only does your audience benefit from the traditional instruction, but they also receive the wonderful mental and physical health benefits of walking.

Purpose of Netwalking Tandem:

Learning can, and does, happen anywhere and everywhere. This hybrid instructional strategy stimulates and engages the Netwalker's appetite for learning and problem-solving, breaks them free from old habits and helps cultivate the maximum potential in people by allowing them to do amazing things together.

Blended Learning Environment

Blended Learning Environment


  1. Allows your audience to feel comfortable and confident as learners. Classrooms [like meeting rooms] aren’t always comfortable places. By utilizing another setting you are creating a physical environment that can help encourage creativity and innovation.
  2. Strengthen learning experiences. Group collaboration is an extremely important component of a blended learning strategy. Learners gain the ability to share their knowledge with others, better evaluate their understanding of course material, and advance their skill sets by conversing with their peers.
  3. Adds value to the meeting room learning. Many concepts which seem too difficult to get a grasp of in the traditional classroom setting are a lot easier to understand when they’re set in context, and when the students are more engaged and motivated to understand and learn.
  4. Improve attendance. If you’re able to build outside activities, into your curriculum and engage and motivate your pupils to learn, you’ll inevitably find that they’re more motivated to turn up to your lecture.
  5. Kinesthetic Learners. Integrate walking into your agenda that matches the needs of your scholars that learn better outside of a lecture based setting and can better follow along to the curriculum.
  6. Bring the fun back into learning! Play acts as a powerful motivator for learning.

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