1. Take your conferences calls outside- Sometimes you might have a conference call where you are only there to listen. If you’re not required to be at a computer for the call, this is an opportune time to put on noise cancelling headphones, walking shoes and head out for a walk while you listen in. If you do need to speak, mute your phone. If you do need to speak, let them know you are in transit and they might hear noise in the background. If you do need to take notes, bring a notebook or use a smart phone app like Evernote to jot them down when you see an outdoor bench.


2. Proper meeting planning is key- To ensure a successful walking meeting with your team, plan as you would any meeting by first creating an agenda. Then set up an atmosphere where everyone can participate by acknowledging everyone. Depending on the size of your group, you’ll want to assign a facilitator helping ensure that everyone feels heard and that no one is left behind that everyone walks at a similar pace same pace. A walking meeting is great for all different personalities including shy members, outspoken members, the easygoing team member, and so on because it gives everyone an equal playing field to speak and be heard. In a traditional meeting, someone who’s soft spoken may hide in the back, whereas someone who always voices their opinion will dominate in the front. In a Netwalking meeting, team members are constantly shifting so no one is in one place the entire time. It is important that everyone feels included to have better working relationships.

Netwalking Session

3. Offer your team an energy boost during the afternoon slump- Most of us have a time of day (usually in the late afternoon) where we feel sluggish and ready for the work day to end. This is a time many people reach for a caffeinated beverage or sugary snack. Provide a healthy alternative to this for yourself or your team. We recommend offering a daily 15 minute Netwalk around your neighborhood at a set time, so people get in a good habit of walking every day. You will gain energy and a productively recharge without the added calories. If a walk every day isn’t do-able, start with one or two days a week.


4. Hire us to set up professional Netwalks and create team-building exercises- We pride ourselves in being a resource for walking meetings and healthy living. We provide as many free resources as possible to educate you on the importance of physical activity so you can take initiative to Netwalk. However, sometimes you still need an extra hand to ensure your Netwalks and team building activities run smoothly. This is where we come in! We can create your walking routes to ensure they will showcase hidden gems in your area, and ensure the walkability. Let us help you kick start an innovative way to boost productivity and create a healthier and happier workforce. Here are examples of how we have helped our clients. These are 2 maps with routes we created.


If you’re interested in having Netwalking work with your team, contact us here to set up a meeting  (We’ll make sure you are walking during this meeting!)

As a bonus, here are some fun ways other organizations have added team building exercises outside an indoor meeting room.

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