Overview of Netwalking® Workforce:

Creativity and innovative ideas are what drive successful organizations and spur economic growth. Encouraging and providing your team to spend time Netwalking near the workplace will support healthier employees and a healthier business while being mindful of their time and accessibility.

Purpose of Netwalking Workforce:

Your team is the most important asset to your business. You can have all the fancy facilities in the world, but it is employee productivity that will either make or break the company. The office is the epicenter of everything the business achieves, so you must make sure that it is a positive and engaging environment for the team.

During the typical Monday through Friday workweek, your team members juggle between their personal and work life and may lead their life by the “more, bigger, faster” mentality. They may rarely get away from their desk for lunch and run from meeting to meeting with no time in between.
Netwalking Workforce


  1. Creative inspiration. Provide a brainstorming environment that sparks your crew to come up with a steady supply of fresh, relevant ideas.
  2. Increases results to workflow and productivity. Construct an environment that increases employee performance by spending time in fresh air and natural light; which ultimately saves you money and helps you make more money.
  3. Change of scenery. The mobile meeting space provides an opportunity for people to get up and move around helping them re-focus, be productive and re-energized after sitting for long periods of time.
  4. Strengthen team spirit. Encourages your team to reach their full potential by developing teamwork in the workplace. It will create a happier place to work.
  5. Usable employee well-perk. Employee Perks Just Aren’t Enough Anymore. Integrating Netwalking for 15-30 minutes at afternoon slump time to increase staff energy levels, help aid in creating a safe welcoming space to cultivate better working relationships and develop friendships.
  6. Connectedness between team members. Great collaboration across a diverse set of people with all different skillsets and ideas can result in extraordinary things.

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