I am a huge fan of walking for so many reasons! Those reasons include exercise, an eco-friendly mode of transportation, community building opportunities, a healthy way to catch up with friends and family, explore my own city as well as new places I visit. 5 Ways Netwalking Enhances Your Friendships

Since Valentine’s Day is in the air, and this day is about friendship and love for me. I want to share with you 5 things I have learned while walking side by side with people that will help you enhance your relationships whether it’s with a romantic partner or a good friend.

  1. Talk is more conversational because you are constantly moving – When energy is flowing, you will rarely find the uncomfortable silences you do when sitting across from someone. This can be a lifesaver for newer relationships.
  2. It’s easier to give and receive undivided attention – We are less likely to take a phone call, check email and check our social media accounts when out for a walk. We are stimulated by both nature and our walking partner, so all other distractions are minimized.
  3. Relationships are deepened – I find that by taking a walk with someone I learn so much more about the other person than when seated. People are more likely to share in an open environment versus a closed off room.
  4. You can practice patience together – Walking gives you many opportunities to practice patience. You may find yourself waiting for a traffic light or allowing others to walk ahead. It also takes a little longer to reach your destination, making the experience more about the journey. Practicing a positive quality together like patience creates a stronger bond.
  5. You learn to be more accommodating – When you’re walking with someone, you have to be mindful or their pace. Do they walk faster than me or keep my pace? I am a fast walker and take into account who I am with to adjust my pace accordingly. Both parties need to be accommodating because it’s not always fun to walk with who is ahead of you or behind you the entire time.

Another benefit of walking is that you get to stop and see a sunset together! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with friendship and love. If there are other ways walking has helped you enhance relationships, please share with us in the comments below.

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