Walking has a positive impact on my life. I feel happy when I walk, I smile and laugh more. I love walking so much that I built a business around it.

This is why I have decided to launch an 8-day Netwalking Challenge in April. The event will encourage people to walk for at least 20 minutes every day. This is an opportunity to get up and get out! Walk with a teammate, a friend, a family member or you favorite furry friend.

We are kicking off the #NetwalkChallenge on American Heart Association’s National Walking Day, April 6th. We are facilitating a Netwalk during their Heart Walk, which will be a walk that everyone joining the Netwalking Challenge can also participate in. The proceeds of our event will benefit the American Heart Association, whose mission is to build healthier lives. Learn about their month-long celebration here.


Everyone participating in the Netwalking Challenge is are encouraged to share their Netwalking photos on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #NetwalkChallenge, tagging @netwalking on Twitter and @netwalk.ing on Instagram. Each post capturing a Netwalks in the D.C. metro area will be entered to win a complimentary Netwalk at their office for 20 Netwalkers. If the winners live outside of the D.C. metro area, they will be given a signed copy of Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor: The New Way to Fast-Track Your Career by Sylvia Ann Hewlett.

To get your employer on board with the Netwalking Challenge, have them read this article: Food at Work: Setting the Table for a Healthy Workforce. They might want to reward you with time away from your desk instead of Muffin Wednesday.

until we netwalk again™,
Jessica Tunon

Walking is a method of exploration, an organic environment helping me stay connected with my close friends and cultivate new relationships, creative outlet, a place to decompress and fitness, and embrace the extrovert side of me.