Recently asked the difference between Networking and Netwalking. This is what I came up with in two minutes.

Why I still make time for networking

  • Reconnecting
  • Meeting interesting people
  • Being okay to leave after 3 really good conversations
  • Not being hungry when arrive
  • The walk home

Yes, there are some aspects of networking that could be better planned

  • The artificial atmosphere
  • Format
  • The menu choices could be healthier
  • The host(s) has time to make introductions
  • The noise


  • Another option to building relationships
  • You feel like part of the group
  • Have organic conversation
  • Excited by the prospect of meeting new people
  • Take a short break and explore the city
  • Forget you just walked 1.5 miles, burned approximately 150 calories and actively learned

until we netwalk again,