Finally we feel spring!

We are putting away our winter clothes and taking out spring wear.

We are accepting more invitations.

We are trying on our clothes and noticing some weight gain.

We are hesitating on accepting invitations because we don’t feel comfortable wearing [x].

We are staying home because we are shy and aren’t the best at small talk and introducing self.

We want to build more personal and professional relationships, but don’t want to be tempted by the food and drink provided at these events. So, we don’t go.

We want to build more meaningful relationships, burn calories, be outside in fresh air and get to know our city better. Just not be the one organizing and leading these activities.

Get excited by meetings again.

Netwalking is a one of a kind meeting experience offering an enjoyable way to network and build your social capital. It’s not only healthy to breathe in fresh air and stand up, but on the netwalk you discover beauty on every corner, something you wouldn’t have noticed if you were in an indoor meeting space or just walking by yourself.

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