The cold winter months can be quite brutal to your hair. Are you taking the proper measures to protect your hair from the cold, wind, and sun? I offer you five tips to keep your hair looking polished while Netwalking in a winter wonderland.

  1. Drink lots of water. Hair is an appendage of the skin; your hydration should start from the inside out.
  2. Treat your hair to a nourishing hydrating and or protein mask a minimum of twice a month. Your professional stylist will be able to make a recommendation after assessing your hair or for homemade recipes visit this link.
  3. Wear a hat outside to protect your hair from the cold, wind, snow, rain, and sun. It is essential to wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf to protect your hair from being snagged by wool fibers. Most hats for men are already lined with a silk or satin fabric. And, if you must go outside with damp hair, please make sure your hair is completely covered. Wet or damp hair can freeze in really cold temperatures. Freezing will cause severe damage, hence breakage.
  4. Color glosses offer protection and shine. They provide translucent color and protect the hair from outside tormenting agents.
  5. Maintain your trims (yes a haircut). Whether the hair is long or short, everyone needs shape. The shape of your haircut is the foundation for any hairstyle. Split ends progress up the hair strand. Prolonged trimmings breed breakage and warrant a hefty cut. A consistently scheduled trim will remedy breakage. Dry, brittle, and split ends will remain under control.

Thank you to our Guest Blogger and Netwalker, LaShun “L” Pittman, owner of Corps d’Elite Salon and Corps d’Elite Beauty in Washington, DC. L also did a fantastic job on my hair and makeup for the WUSA9 segment “Netwalking for a Healthier and Happier 2016”.

About our guest blogger: L has been in the beauty industry for over 23 years educating, motivating, and inspiring diverse audiences of salon professionals all over the globe on a wide range of industry related topics. She enjoys fine dining, cooking, entertaining, dancing, traveling, and good company!

until  we netwalk again