Netwalking is officially heading to Austin in just a few weeks for SXSW Interactive. If you’ve ever been to SXSW you know how hectic things can get. It’s easy to get fatigued, dehydrated, overwhelmed and lose sight of healthy habits at SXSW or other large conferences. Below are my tips on how to rock your next conference while staying healthy! healthy sxsw

Snack smart- Many companies will lure you to check out their event, booth or attraction with free food.  I know it’s tempting to eat every bite of food you see but do your best to eat the free food in moderation, especially since it’s usually not very healthy. Here are a few snacks I recommend you keep on hand by packing in your suitcase or grabbing at the store: raw almonds, cashews or another favorite nut, apples, clementine oranges (easy to peel!) and perhaps some healthy snack bars (be careful with snack bars though, some have as much sugar and processed ingredients as a candy bar. Look for ones that are all natural with organic ingredients). I prefer to make my own bars but when traveling, Lara Bars and Kind Bars usually do the trick. If you stay fueled with healthy food throughout the day, you’re less likely to overeat or be tempted when presented with junk food.

Stay hydrated- Water is your best friend at any conference you attend! And no, an alcoholic drink on the rocks doesn’t count as water. “Drink water” is such a simple tip yet it’s one of the top reasons people feel light headed or sick during or after the conference. When rushing from session to session, it’s easy to forget to drink water. A few tips on making sure you stay hydrated:

  • I always travel with a small reusable water bottle. This way, if water is available I’m ready to fill up. Instead of ordering a ginger ale on the plane I always ask the flight attendant to fill up my bottle with water. I have even seen many airports now with a filtered water fountains. This is a photo of the water foundation in my home town airport, San Diego International Airport.

San Diego Airport Water Fountain

  • If you normally drink a lot of coffee, replace a cup of coffee with a glass of cold water. The temperature of the water will wake you up and the consumption of the water will provide fuel to refresh your body.
  • Networking events with open bars are readily available at SXSW and many other conferences. If you do plan to take advantage of the free booze, for every drink you do have, also drink a glass of water. I personally look for other opportunities to network that aren’t limited to standing in a bar, and there are plenty. Learn more in tip number 3 below.

Create and find opportunities where you can stay fit while making connections– If you keep your eyes open, you will discover an abundance of opportunities to work out while at your conference. Of course Netwalking is also here to help and we have a couple official fitness events for you to join.

  • We are hosting an official SXSW Netwalking Meet Up. You will learn to Netwalk and discover many ways you can incorporate more walking in your life, especially in a business setting. Once you learn this skill, you can create Netwalking meetings and events at the next conference you attend. We guarantee you will create lasting impressions at this event. Here are the details for the Netwalking Meet Up: Saturday March 12th, 9:30am @ JW Marriott Room 207. Save this event on your SXSW calendar, HERE.
  • I am personally hosting the official SXSW Yoga Meet Up. I’m calling my Meet Up, Come As You Are Yoga! You’ll learn relaxing breathing exercises, yoga poses to improve your balance, flexibility & strength and practice stretches you can easily replicate at home and even at work! This is an all levels class. Whether you have never tried yoga or are an advanced yogi, you’ll prepare your mind and body for enlightenment in this class. You will also learn tips on how to incorporate yoga into a busy lifestyle. No special equipment or clothing is needed, come as you are! Lululemon will be providing their amazing yoga mats for us to use! Save my yoga class on your SXSW calendar, HERE.

Healthy SXSW

If you plan to be in Austin for SXSW please let us know! We would love to connect at one of our fitness events. Also feel free to share any tips of your own on how to stay fit during a conference.

In Gratitude,

Melodie Tao

Thank you to our Guest Blogger and Netwalker, Melodie Tao, owner of Marketing Melodie. Melodie is a wonderful Marketing resource for us here at Netwalking. She has helped us create marketing campaigns and grow our social media presence.

About our guest blogger: Melodie Tao is a social media thought leader with over 13 years of marketing experience. She leads and runs her own company, Marketing Melodie, where she is a Marketing Consultant, Educator and Speaker.

Through her consulting and education services, Melodie helps businesses and entrepreneurs optimize their brand, and build social media communities to generate more revenue. After applying Melodie’s strategies, her clients typically achieve significant increases in traffic, subscribers, leads and conversions.

On a personal note, Melodie is from sunny San Diego. She teaches and practices yoga, enjoys cooking, live music, has strong ties in her community, and enjoys discovering new things to do in her home town.