Hi Everyone,

It’s Nami from Happy Teams. I’m a process facilitator who helps groups have better dialogue and improve their teamwork. I named my facilitation practice Happy Teams because I believe that happy teams are also effective teams. I’m also a happy person in general, and love walking outdoors in nature with my two children. 😊 wellness

Jess and I recently teamed up and created a new Netwalking® offering called Team Wellness Workshops, aimed at improving wellness among employees in an organization. We noticed that corporate wellness programs mostly focus on employees’ physical fitness and health status, but don’t address the true “killers” of wellness in the workplace—sitting for extended periods, and long, boring meetings. They also don’t address interpersonal relationships at work, which is crucial to a person’s sense of well-being.

The Team Wellness Workshops are a package of four half-day workshops, one for each season, that incorporates both of those elements missing from most other wellness programs. Our goal is helping organizations become better places to work by offering a combination of wellness practices and facilitated conversations to improve trust, team morale, and effectiveness. We will give participants the tools they need to practice self-care and improve well-being AND provide a safe space for reflection and conversations about how to implement those practices.

This is where you come in.

We want to hear from you about whether you think this kind of workshop might be beneficial for you and your organization, and if so (or if not), why. Have you taken part in a corporate wellness program? What worked, and what didn’t? What factors are important for you in a wellness program?

To find out more about our proposal, please click: Team Wellness Workshops

Please send an email to nami@happyteams1.com with your comments, or if you would agree to be contacted for a brief (15 minute) interview by phone or in person, please send me a message or call 202-509-5853 to arrange a date/time.

Again, many thanks and look forward to connecting.

until we netwalk again®


About the Author:
Nami Ishihara is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator and Belbin® team roles trainer. She founded HappyTeams, a consulting service that helps groups work more effectively together by analyzing team roles and guiding groups to plan, make decisions and achieve consensus. She is known for a warm and peaceful style that helps to bridge differences among people of different perspectives and backgrounds, particularly in multi-cultural contexts. She has facilitated staff retreats and meetings for international organizations and non-profit groups, most notably working for the United Nations Population Fund, the European Commission in Laos, and GIZ (German International Cooperation Organization). Learn more about Nami here, HappyTeams