Netwalking’s mission is to get people outside, make it easier to get to know each other and build meaningful relationships for personal and financial success. In 2014, we launched Netwalking Sessions in the nation’s capital. Since incorporating, we have lead over 30 Netwalks in Washington, DC, Stockholm, Sweden, Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Netwalking has become much bigger than had ever hoped for. Triple Bottom Line

In July, we had our best reviews yet during South by Southwest (SXSW) V2V, an annual conference that brings startup and venture capital communities together with creative industries held in Las Vegas, a year after our first Netwalk.  SXSW V2V included Netwalking Sessions throughout the conference. Many said they would rather Netwalk in lieu of a Bloody Mary Morning networking mixer.

Netwalking thus far has been a bootstrap endeavor. Now it’s time to expand my passion for people feeling more a more connected community and increasing walkability.  But in order to grow, I need your help.

  1. Increasing a presence via social media: creating Facebook page and updating Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts
  2. Creating Content for marketing materials such as flyers, booklets, and the Netwalking® website.
  3. Legal services to assist with intellectual property and business operations.
  4. Introductions to decision-makers to:
    • Sponsor Netwalking Sessions;
    • Add Netwalking Session to their events’ agendas;
    • Host Netwalking Sessions;
    • Hire Netwalking to design Netwalking Meeting Rooms in their offices; and
    • Promote their products and services via the unique Netwalking format.
  5. Illustrating Netwalking Maps
  6. Technological issues including assistance with event registrations

If you are innovative, have integrity and a strong work ethic, and believe in Netwalking’s vision and values consider becoming a business partner with us. Let’s walk to happiness and the triple bottom line together.

Thank you and appreciate you.

until we netwalk again®
Jessica Tunon, Founder & CEO
Connect: and 571.969.5988

Read about my journey in the October issue of Live Happy Magazine.