networking-walkingHi and welcome! I am so excited to share with you the revamped website and first of many blog posts. As I have been adding content, I had two friends take a peek before it went live today. Natalie Ambrose suggested I tweak it because it looked too corporate.  In Natalie’s words, “This is what I see you wanting to achieve through Netwalking — a healthier, saner, less hierarchical, more honest, ageless, diverse and egalitarian workplace, through more creative, mindful, healthy, wholesome, and unpretentious activities and interactions. She is right. I want to unite people through walking making it a place that crosses cultures and lifestyles because this is what walking has done for me. Erin Gilmer also had great suggestions in keeping it clean and accessible. Enjoy.

Lastly, thank you very much for stopping by, connecting with us on social media and in the not so distant future hiring us to add Netwalking sessions to your business function and social gathering.