Why Hire Netwalking®? walking meetings networking workplace

We empower people and organizations to build meaningful relationships and connect, contribute and thrive in their communities through walking.

Our unique approach provides our clients with techniques, tools, and tips helping build a culture of well-being through walking. We offer a combination of wellness practices, shared learning and facilitated conversations to improve trust, internal and external relationship building and an enhanced sense of purpose and impact in their work and community. We give you the tools needed to practice self-care, improve well-being AND provide a safe space for reflection and conversations about how to implement those practices.

These memorable experiences provide an opportunity to explore local communities, network of diverse business leaders, buy local, discover hidden gems and nature, as a way to connect, build a stronger community, break down barriers, increase collaboration, and stay healthy all at the same time.

Positive experiences play a powerful role in engaging your stakeholders.

You’ll learn how to set the meeting tone, keep discussions on track, and motivate attendees to cultivate meaningful relationships for their personal and professional lives.

By integrating Netwalking into your business, event or social function, you will find more productive, engaged, motivated, and happy individuals contributing to the benefit of your organization, the thriving economy and a fulfilling life.

Working in partnership with Netwalking can help you gain these benefits and more. Most importantly, learning to Netwalk is a healthy skill everyone can use for the rest of their lives.

If you have any questions about any of our Netwalking Programs. We invite you to contact us or check out our handy FAQ for a quick overview.

The Core:

Netwalking is a curated carefully coordinated event where you allow yourself to be taken on a journey that at the end will help you become healthier and foster new relationships.

A personalized Netwalking program is engineered to meet your organizational needs.  Each Netwalk will include a specific Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) route made to maximize the time and resources available ensuring inclusivity for all fitness levels.

Past Netwalkers:

Value-based pricing. Love to chat further about creating a welcoming environment that will help you and your organization feel more at ease while continuously developing your professional skills.