Walking to Happiness and the Triple Bottom Line

Netwalking’s mission is to get people outside, make it easier to get to know each other and build meaningful relationships for personal and financial success. In 2014, we launched Netwalking Sessions in the nation’s capital. Since incorporating, we have lead over 30 Netwalks in Washington, DC, Stockholm, Sweden, Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Netwalking has [...]

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Netwalking Tips: 10 items to Keep on Hand During a Full Day of Meetings / Conference

We had a great time this morning Netwalking the Las Vegas Strip during SXSW V2V and wanted to share with you 10 items I carry with me during a full day of meetings or conference. Portable phone charger – Mophie or Waka Waka Recyclable water bottle or Stojo Food that isn’t perishable doesn’t easily melt and [...]

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Sneak preview of Netwalking the Las Vegas Strip

Flew into Las Vegas yesterday for one of my favorite conferences of the year, SXSW V2V. My friend, Alan Snel picked me up for the airport where we caught up, ate lunch at Whole Foods Market and conducted the Netwalking®assessment. The Netwalking Assessment includes mapping the route, ensuring infrastructure is in place to make it [...]

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