Overview of Netwalking® Coaching:

What is Netwalking Coaching? With our coaching program, you’ll learn how to become a leader at networking meetings for your brand. We teach you how to be a facilitator who can create meaningful connections for human, social and financial capital. You’ll learn how to set the meeting tone, keep discussions on track, and motivate others in how to cultivate meaningful relationships for their personal and professional lives.

Following through is an art. If done right, they’ll remember you as a resource and comfortable maintaining relationships with seemingly unrelated circles.  

Netwalking Coaching Process:

  1. Netwalking Coaching sessions are hosted live in Washington, DC. (Additional fees apply for live coaching sessions in cities outside of the District). They can also be conducted anywhere in the world through video conferencing. All coaching sessions begin with a 15 minute complimentary introductory call to discover your specific needs.
  2. Our basic Netwalking Coaching program consists of 4 one hour sessions hosted live or through video conference. Sessions are bi-weekly.
  3. A different topic is covered each week. (Custom sessions can be created that may be longer than 4 sessions).
  4. Coaching sessions are interactive; attendees are encouraged to participate in activities to learn the Netwalking process, benefits of walking meetings and techniques to improve communication skills.
  5. Participants will receive templates and materials they can use to create effective Netwalking sessions of their own.
  6. Participants will receive follow up assignments after each session designed to practice skills learned.

Netwalking Coaching Program participants can expect the following takeaways:

  1. How to facilitate and lead meetings that flow smoothly and cover all agenda items efficiently.
  2. How to effectively introduce yourself to make memorable and positive first impressions.
  3. How to become a facilitator by creating conversation starters that help people create strong bonds.
  4. How to polish and perfect elevator pitches to help people easily connect by showcasing their strengths and understanding the potential they have with other stakeholders.
  5. How to end a conversation effectively, and ensure it leads to a strong follow up after the event.
  6. How to simultaneously ask for help while keeping the integrity of your business and becoming a resource for others.
  7. How to strategically follow up “follow-through” after meeting someone.
  8. How to learn to recognize different personality traits, and discover how knowing this information can help you build stronger relationships.
  9. Have fun.

Contact us to add Netwalking Coaching to your next Networking event. Hourly rate starts at $150.