​R​​einventing the in-person group meeting experience at work and events to transform individuals and communities by walking together.

Netwalking® is a women-owned social impact company that is r​​einventing the in-person group meeting experience at work and events to transform individuals and communities by walking together — ​in order to boost our ​emotional, social and physical well-being. We want you to feel happier, healthier, and more connected to your internal and external community.

  • We combine wellness, relationship building, and creativity on a relaxed and stress-free leisure paced walk for all fitness levels.
  • We provide opportunities to meet fostering deeper connections, help you explore and discover the vibrancy of the neighborhood through meeting local businesses and creatives, and walk and talk with our speakers.
  • Netwalking changes the power dynamic. Walking outside is a shared space.
  • We provide you with techniques, tools, and tips helping cultivate a welcoming environment to have productive, happier and more effective meetings.
  • We offer a combination of wellness practices and facilitated conversations to improve trust, community building, and effectiveness.
  • We give participants the tools they need to expand relationships, practice self-care, improve well-being AND provide a safe space for reflection and conversations about how to implement those practices.

Netwalking Programming is individually crafted that no two Netwalks are alike. Netwalking develops creative journeys to meet each Netwalker’s needs. These custom experiences are a service unlike any other, connecting participants to learning, community building, the sights around them and to each other.

No prior knowledge is necessary. Each Netwalk will include specific Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) route ensuring inclusivity for all fitness levels.

Mission: Netwalking About Us

Get people outside, make it easier to get to know each other and build meaningful connections and interactions for human, social and financial capital.

Vision: Walking meetings

  • Create stronger and deeper personal relationships between people will be enhanced to encourage friendships and sharing of ideas.
  • Bring people together through walking to build a stronger community that breaks down barriers.
  • Increase local collaboration and group activities – activities bring joy to life.

Past Netwalkers

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